IMPORTANT: See risks section before starting supplementation!

Might be the secret ingredient to Energized health along with magnesium and potassium. Personally I also think calcium is critical.


"P" from NPK. Found in leaves and rock dust.

They say amount of phosphorus in food is increasing [1] but I have doubts about that.


See also phosphate repletion and parathyroid

Phosphorus is fucking important! [2]

Book the best brain food [3]

Functions [4] multiple sclerosis, magnesium helps preserve it, Kidney stones, constipation

Physiology in the kidney [5]

Phosphorus supplement [6]

Deficiency seen in iron overload [7]

High phosphorus produces iron deficiency [8] is this a good thing for hemochromatosis ?

Cosupplement with calcium magnesium and zinc [9]

Deficiency causes respiratory failure [10] aka sleep apnea

Phosphorus and calcium deplete iron [11]

Ascorbic acid deficiency related to low P [12] but IV vitamin c lowers serum phosphorus, but might it deposit it in bones or intracellularly? [13]

Low levels cause of chronic fatigue [14]

Interacts with vitamin d [15]

Plastic absorbs phosphate [16] so perhaps that is one way plastic harms health.


Immune system [17]

May not effect CD4 cells [18]


May interact with arsenic and mercury [19]

Interaction with mercury and parathyroid in the kidney [20]


Symptom workup [21] including acidosis. Also high blood pressure which these two for me tell me that phosphorus is required for the kidney to reabsorb potassium. That would mean phosphorus is needed for the body to be able to hold on to potassium.

Symptoms including chronic fatigue weakness low white blood cells mental effects etc [22]

Premature ejaculation [23]

Low P might cause enhancement of parasites [24]

Common symptoms [25]

Hair testing deficiency related to zinc and cadmium [26]

Dextrose or high blood sugar reduces levels [27]

Poor blood sugar control leading to diabetes [28]

Ten times more likely to have respiratory infection [29]

Hypothyroidism causes low phosphocreatine [30]

cataract [31]

Hydrocephalus brain edema [32] [33] maybe strabismus [34] actually strabismus most common in ocular complication of hydrocephalus [35]

Brain swelling encephalitis causes insomnia [36] from sleep center demyelinating from low phowphorus.

Niacinamide intolerance since it lowers phosphorus [37]

7 signs [38]

Phosphate diabetes

Back pain major symptom [39]

Ketones like HMB cause electrolyte loss in kidneys [40]


Insulin causes phosphorus loss from blood and into cells along with glucose [41] so insulin deficiency diabetes may be caused by phosphorus deficiency and the body trying to maintain serum phosphorus.


Intracellular bacteria host entry [42]


Deficiency may cause insomnia because phos increases 40% while sleeping [43]

Obstructive sleep apnea correlated with demyelination of respiratory center [44]

OSA correlated with osteoporosis [45] and therefore probably phosphorus deficiency.

Hyper parathyroid and phosphorus linked to insomnia [46]


Maintains osmotic pressure so probably important to kidney function [47]

Supports kidney elimination of waste [48]

Nervous system

Component of mylein sheath [49] so probably important in multiple sclerosis

Leukoencephalopathy [50]

Myelin development in child brain [51]


Works with calcium magnesium and b vitamins [52]


Myocardial dysfunction [53] and low blood pressure

Deficiency causes heart palpitations [54]


Increases hemoglobin [55] and ascorbic acid does that too.


It is my hypothesis based on [56] that hypothyroidism may arise due to phosphate deficiency because high thyroid hyperthyroidism promotes phosphorus loss.


Phosphorus issues may be due to hyperparathyroidism [57] and natural cures might be vitamin d3, biotin, and maybe phosphate repletion


Vitamin d potassium and sodium enhance absorption [58]

Research if ascorbic acid does


Iodine, magnesium, and zinc needed for utilization or phosphorus is necessary for the utilization of these [59]. I think magnesium is very important to keep from having high phosphorus symptoms during phosphate repletion.


Oats and hemp seeds best source [60]. Acidifying probably helpful like eating fruits with the oatmeal to release phosphorus from phytate. Fermentation would also help but may always increase alfatoxin.

Dairy is also high and acidifying it like yogurt is probably helpful.

Creatine phosphate [61]

Potassium phosphate

Sodium phosphate benefits by letting phosphorus uptake via sodium-phosphate channel

Keifer phosphorus from dairy along with microbes helping liberate phosphorus from the calcium phosphate via organic acids.

Dietary fat may help [62] also helps prevent listeria

Nuts and dairy work [63]

Sphingomyelin is the main lipid in breast milk [64] body can make from serine and palmitic acid [65] and ATP and COA which is cysteine, pantothenic acid, and ATP [66]. Having proper cholesterol also essential to myelin synthesis [67]


Elevated muscle enzymes [68]


Phosphorus can cause or exacerbate cancer in people suseptible [69]. So be very careful supplementing with it. My preliminary experiments indicate that garlic can help mitigate these effects, but there is no conclusive evidence yet. This also means that it is possibly mycobacterium that can cause cancer or tumor growth.

Possible complications of too high phosphorus and calcium supplement fixes it [70]

May exacerbate mycobacterium [71] [72]

In the wrong form, it is deadly to ingest [73]

High blood phosphorus leads to heart attack and stroke so vitamin d needs to be taken to lower blood phosphorus [74] and also taking calcium can lower it

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