Complete works pdf [1] this guy was a real, god fearing, prophet. It took me so many years to take him seriously because I thought it was occult and black magic, but it's not, it may have some value.


Quatrain 72 might be refering to whatever happened to JFK jr. causing him to have spatial disorientation in his plane in July 1999 [2] It is also when George W Bush became the frontrunner.

Quatrain 75 says he will never return to europe but will appear in asia [3] which could mean Xi Jinping

Fauci thinks he is the third antichrist


Close approaches every 2 years with even closer every 15 years, super close in 2003 and certain other dates [4]


1874 received the Copley medal [5] which is 4 or 5 great cycles (76 year cycles [6]) from 1555.


Says steeped in blood in 290 years. 290 years after 1555 was 1845 which was the great potato famine

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