Also known as peripheral neuropathy and can include things like bell's palsy.


Nerve pain which can include "funny bone" like nerve pain in fingers or other parts of the body; or strange random transient sensations like stabbing sensation (mycobacterium), pin prick sensations (campylobacter), burning sensations, tingling, numbness, etc [1]


Likely infection with corynebacterium (diptheria), mycobacterium (leprosy), or borrelia (lyme) [2]

Also from personal experience clostridium like c perferingins and campylobacter [3].

Not quite neuropathy but pseudomonas can cause similar sensations but instead of pain it feels like a bug is crawling on you [4].

Vitamin or mineral deficiency possible cause [5].


Garlic should work in the case of corynebacterium and mycobacterium and possibly borrelia and adaptogens in the case of borrelia and clostridium. If it is campylobacter, then ginger is standard or calendula.

Thiamine B1, pyridoxine B6, folic acid B9, cobalamin B12 may treat underlying deficiency. Taking selenium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacinamide, pantothenic acid, and biotin helped, not sure which helped though, likely thiamine since it is closely linked to neuropathy [6].

Excess B6 is another possible cause [7].

Calcium and Magnesium may treat underlying deficiency. [8]

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