Nano Hydroxyapatite


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Dissolve 3g sio2 in KOH. Dilute to 500mL. Add phosphoric acid until ph is around 3 to produce dilute silicic acid.

Dissolve 10g mcc in phosphoric acid. Pour this mix into to the 500mL room temperature silicic acid while still hot to make regenerated cellulose that contains some silicic acid. Stir for around 30 mins for the silicic acid to soak into the cellulose. CF and wash till neutral (ph can be adjusted to neutral at any point if desired or just use washes to bring to neutral. The faster the ph is adjusted to neutral the more silica gel will be impregnated, but the tradeoff is there will be more silica gel formed that is not impregnated in the cellulose). This should still contain some silica gel embedded in the cellulose. We over shot initial silica initially so we hope to end up with around 0.1% by weight in the final 60g.

Add calcium ammonium nitrate and diammonium nitrate to beaker stirring till dissolved. Add regenerated cellullose impregnated with silica gel. Immediatly but slowly drop in koh until ph 10ish. This grows the nano hydroxyapatite. Keep stirring for an hour and let set in fridge 1 hour. Then cf and wash until nearly neutral.

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