Mycobacterium is a bacteria responsible for a vast amount of human disease. It is related to corynebacterium and is considered acid fast. It can often be extrapulmonary [1]. All about M bovis [2]

Named diseases

Sjogrens [3]



Testical swelling [4] as well as other things possibly hydrocel


Insomnia in tuberculosis [5]. Also see brain section relating thalmus issues to insomnia.

Chronic Fatigue

Basically everyone with mycobacterium avium infection have chronic fatigue either mild moderate or severe [6].


Bovine TB causes erratic behavior in possums [7] reminicent of toxoplasmosis. I believe TB causes radical conservative views and toxo causes radical liberal views.

Might cause picking due to nmda receptor changes [8].

Gluten Sensitivity

Four times risk [9].

Stiff neck

Extreme stiff neck is a symptom [10].

Jaw Inflammation

Mycobacterium is the most common cause of jaw inflammation and overbite.

Hearing loss

Can be linked to tuberculosis [11]


Thalmus effected often (infarct) and basal ganglia (the home of the substantia nigra which produces dopamine) and also hydrocephalus pressure in head [12]. Thalmus is related to sleep regulation and extensive damage can lead to coma, also damaged in fatal familial insomnia [13].

Dementia from unilateral thalamus infarct [14].

Infection of the hypothalamus can cause weight gain [15].

Low Cortisol, hyopthyroidism, hyperprolactin [16]


Can cause possibly myositis of the eye muscles or cranial nerve palsy leading to strabismus lazy eye Sixth cranial nerve most effected [17] causing outward gaze [18] [19] or eyelid twitching [20].


Estrogen elevated by m tuberculosis [21] which likely is what causes gynecomastia.

Estrogen prevents progression of tuberculosis [22].

Bone infection

Also capled osteomyelitis [23].

Can attack the sternum which is linked to gynecomastia.

Sternum and spinal osteomyleitis [24]

Chest wall rib tuberculosis is very common and if it it starts there it is probably mycobacterium bovis [25].


Tuberculosis can cause it [26].


[27] [28]

Images [29].

Sternoclavicular joint [30].



Back pain

Aka potts [32]

Mycobacterium causes slipped disks, bulging disks, and herniated disks and failed back syndrome [33] which is linked to TNFa [34].

Spondylitis is infection of the vertebral joints [35].


Often environmental mycobacteria infect the urinary tract [36] which can cause lower back pain.

Heart Disease

Mycobacterium possibly causes stabbing pain in the heart and inflammation of the pericardium. Corynebacterium and Bacillus might also be to blame. All are countered with garlic.


Mycobacterium is likely the #1 cause of type 1 diabetes. See diabetes.

Dry mouth

Mycobacterium might cause it. I waz getting with teef powder and I raised eucalyptus essential oil seems to have fixed it.

Viral Complications

Mycobacterium is one of a few bacteria implicated in SARS, a respiratory syndrome from coronaviruses like COVID-19. Haemophilus is even more prevalent.

BCG vaccine which is a live mycobacterial bovis strain has cross reactivity with coronavirus [37].



This bacteria is most effectively tackled with garlic (raw or garlic powder that contains allicin) and eucalyptus oil and bergamot essential oil.

Magnesium significantly lower in people with TB [47] so should be supplemented.

Fucoxanthan from brown seaweed fights mycobacterium [48].

US Military are routinely tested and treated [49] which might cause them to have lower rates of infection than general population.

Essential oils [50]

Specific combo

When you want to specifically target mycobacteria and very little else

Topical Combo

10 drops thyme

10 drops oregano

40 drops peppermint

20 drops rosemary

20 drops castor oil

1/2 oz C8 MCT

Internal combo

See EO protein shake

Topical Salve



Corticosteroids always prescribed with antibiotics so here are some herbal alternatives [76].


Pigs and cows [80].

Macrophages for iron [81]



Fatty foods [83]

Blood sugar

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