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Missing 411 Cluster Map [1]

Whirlwind theory

Bible verses about the whirlwind make a clear connection to the divine or supernatural including Elijah taken up by it, God speaking through it, God's way is in the whirlwind, God's chariots are like the whirlwind, sweeping people away, people/wicked disappearing, the wind wraps the wicked in its wings, whirlwind appearing before a storm/gale, [2].

Kearsage pass could be prone to whirlwinds where the person went missing as possibly evidenced by the 360 picture [3]

Loire river France case describes a whirlwind with supernatural traits including hands, a blinding light, and burned bushes and electric current [4]

Kind of a dumb but eerie connection is the cartoon of the tasmanian "devil" has him move around as a whirlwind.

Tornadoes taking up kids [5]


Many [6] (long term delirium) [7] (rhythmic drumming [8] spider bites) but not all cases can be explained by an acetylcholine deficiency delirium [9] induced either by hallucinogens like Amanita mushrooms [10] [11] or atropine [12], Clostridium gut bacteria [13], or Spider bites [14]. Dementia is also caused by destruction of acetylcholine producing cells and is exacerbated by low oxygen or blood sugar [15].

Acetylcholine dysfunction (see human hybrid) involved in schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis [16].

Possible cause of low acetylcholine [17]


[18] [19]





Heat Stroke






Ibotenic Acid





Acetylcholine dysfunction excess causes elevated body temperature [27].


James McGrogan [28]

Etan Patz


Got in prison

$25 not worth that tried to rebuy later

Missing person


No ch




locker #61 I had 2 numbers of the combo (forgot) missing 3rd but I could open it with the key I had. Pedro Hernandez turns out to be born in 1961

https://www.instagram.com/ch_etan9584/ https://forums.warframe.com/profile/1174780-etan-gk/


What probably happened was ramos murdered him in the basement of Miller and then when miller discovered it he made Ramos remove the body, then he tore up the bloodstained concrete and re-poured new concrete.

Past Address
670 Prospect St Apt 709,
Honolulu, HI 96813

Places [29]

Colorado plateau

Few cases. Sandstone. Still uplifting [30]. Petrified forest, grand canyon, zion national park, etc. Instead of bad things, miraculous survival [31]. Mantle is pushing up causing plateau to rise [32]. Mantle is strongly charged.

Mount Marcy, NY

Panther gorge [33] [34] where missing person remains found [35].

Boots on the mountain [36].

Hikers disorientation on mount marcy and ended up in panther gorge [37].

Anorthosite based granite in the Adirondacks [38] [39].

Kearsage Pass, CA

Mangled wilderness with bash marks on trees and with blood stain on the snow 2 years before someone went missing [40] [41]. Here is a pic just a little further south by the same photographer you can see the same waterfall [42]. I think what is happening is that bigfoot kill a deer and bash trees (tree knocks) to tell other bigfoot in their family that there is food. Kind of like a dinner bell. So if this is the case the bigfoot searchers would need to hit trees with a serious tree trunk and also have a killed deer nearby to see if they can spot the bigfoot coming.

Pure granite [43]

FLIR found a warm spot but determined it was a hibernating bear [44]. But bears do not hibernate out in the open [45]. Could it have actually been a bigfoot?

Kalalau trail, Kauai


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