Methanol as a future proof fuel [1]

Methanol is naturally emitted from the forest [2]

Can be recovered from the kraft pulping process [3]

It's formation during alkaline wood digestion, most comes from xylan and more is produced during soda pulping [4]. More from hardwoods than soft and more at 170c. 170c is important for delignification but perhaps catalysts and oxidants can reduce that.

Potassium hydroxide from wood ash [5]

Fractional distillation of methanol from water mix [6]

We know antioxidant AQ reduces yield but perhaps oxidation and copper catalysis improves it? [7]. We also know alkaline hydrolysis is what is responsible for releasing the methanol from ch3o-r groups into ch3oh groups. Maybe ammonia [8]. Hydrogen peroxide h2o2 might help create oh radicals [9]

Kappa is reduced with oxidation step [10] and low kappa has higher methanol yields [11]. So either the oxygenation is reducing lignin so xylan can be more used to make methanol, or the oxygenation just makes the lignin more suseptible to alkaline hydrolysis, I figure it is the latter.

AQ is a reducing agent for lignin hence why it reduces methanol. Oxygen oxidizes it but can destroy cellulose. Silicic acid is another byproduct that can be made [12].

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