Most people in ICU are low magnesium.


Fluoride poisoning causes low magnesium [1]

High blood pressure, blood sugar, heart palpitations, osteoporosis, migraine asthma chronic fatigue antioxidant glutathione deficiency. Can cause low calcium and vitamin d [2] and potassium

Deficiency of DHA and EPA [3]

Deficiency in 95% of ADHD children [4]

Linked to multiple sclerosis [5]

Linked to m tuberculosis [6]

Magnesium downregulates biofilm of bacillus [7] and bacillus is the primary cause of blood clots

Might be the main factor on why some people are hurt by the vaccine more than others. Also death by ventilator can also be exacerbated by deficiency [8]

Might be a factor in parasite infection like strongyloides or hookworm because magnesium improves barrier strength reducing parasite penetration potentially.


NMDA inhibitor and benzodiazepine agonist [9] which might help some cases of insomnia.

If magnesium doesn't help with sleep it could be from a melatonin deficiency since the two interact [10]. Melatonin enhances the effect on GABA by magnesium [11].

Side effects

Magnesium replenishment may carry side effects for those with too much blood magnesium or the severely deficient whose body is not adapted to storing magnesium.

Magnesium can block calcium and cause increased excretion of sodium, so both of those should be adequate or supplied with the magnesium.

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