Listerosis book [1]

Fought with cellular immunity [2] including CD4

Listeria is the abscess bacteria and can cause stiff neck and arthritis [3].

Listeria is probably the most common cause of chronic fatigue; also see Type 0 diabetes. It attacks and destroys the adrenal glands. It is also amplified in, and could possibly cause) Iron Overload and hemochromatosis [4]. Very likely cause of gynecomastia, also see Isoniazid, by infecting pituitary gland, producing an abscess. Cortisol can be lowered and perhaps sometimes prolactin increased.

Commensalism [5]

Case study insomnia seeing double unsteady gait and crosseye after taking infliximab also respiratory failure which could explain central sleep apnea. [6]

Causes cns problems in transplants [7] Causes monocytosis (mononuclear leukocytosis), or increase in monocytes, which is similar to epstien barr or cytomegalovirus causing mononucleosis, which is why it was named listeria monocytogenes (see first ref in the paper)[8]. Mononucleosis also was named for mononuclear leucocytosis [9]. Listeria also causes squelae including convulsions. Another squelae can be retardation [10]. Escapes t cells and uses listeriolysins and phozpholipases inside cells. First discoveded in 1926, first human case 1929, increazed incidence in foods in 1980's. Maternal infection in pregnancy leads to 50% mortality of fetus.

Listeria contains phospholipases so are enhanced by lecithin. [11]

May attack acetylcholine causing insomnia.

Listeria causes cancer and is almost always a part of the microbial cause of cancer. Other bacteria can be part of the cancer cause as well including h pylori and others.

Listeria often survives pasteurization and auzes facial paralysis and running while lying down [12]


Stiff neck, wry neck, torticollis [13]

Can be in adenoids causing sleep apnea and insomnia also miscarriage and problems with eyes [14]

Auditory hallucination, depression, suicide [15]. When treating for listeria I also noticed auditory hallucinations when under influence of sativa cannabis.

Listeria effects NMDA [16] which could account for dermatillomania and insomnia. Dendritic varicosity seen in listeria is also seen in diabetes and prions disease [17]

The feeling of darkness like morgue (similar to mycobacterium) or things are fake. Contributes to feeling of depression.


Body requires CD8 to fight listeria [18]

Most side effects of Covid-19 vaccine is likely reduction in CD8 T cells and thus overgrowth of listeria.


Can cause myocarditis [19] and pericarditis [20] which hearkens to its similarity to h pylori. Also other heart manifestations including blood clots [21] also I would say probably heart palpitations.


Listeria infects cells by using calcium influx via its toxin listerolysin [22] This strategy can be blocked with Ellagic Acid


Listeria also needs zinc. [23] which can cause zinc deficiency but supplementtion could cause Listeria to grow. Zinc sequesterents like calprotectin necessary to sequester zinc [24].


Mast cells

Might cause anaphalaxis and other mast cells diseases. [25]

Listeria induces mast cells to release tryptase and other things [26]

Listeria highly upregulates mast cells [27]


Prostaglandins e1 and pseudomonas downregulate immunity?[28]

Pge2 seems to downregulate immunity to listeria too[29]

Pge1 helps immunity to listeria in autoimmunity[30]

Listeria is also amplified by sugar and is one of the main reasons why going on a sugar free diet and getting blood sugar under control is such an important thing to help reverse cancer.

One of the most effective things against listeria is Ellagic acid. Fortunatly ellagic acid also helps get iron under control as well as blood sugar (possibly because it neutralizes the bacteria) helping not only to directly neutralize the bacteria, but also to reduce some root causes of chronic infection. Some essential oils that are effective against it are oregano and thyme.

Listeria causes what I will term as "type zero" diabetes. This form of diabetes usually stays in the pre-diabetes stage but drains peoples energy especially after they eat. It also is likely correlated to insomnia.

Associated with soft cheese esp unpasteurized, Deli meat, hot dog, leukemia, liver cancer, myeloma, giant cell arteritis, Stiff neck, meningitis, mammary gland infection. [31]

Prolactin likely released to help immune system fight listeria [32]. This may be the cause that I got gynecomastia right as I was recovering from meningitis.

Listeria causes pituitary abcess and often diagnosed as tumor [33]

Relation to homocysteine

May require homocysteine [34].

Essential oils

Essential oils and dietary changes [35]

Essential oils against listeria [36] [37] gardenia > cedarwood > bay leaf > clove bud > oregano > cinnamon > allspice > thyme > patchouli oils. Neroli not good, bitter orange better against campy and staph but equal for listeria compared to sweet orange.

a-pinene effective (includes eucalyptus and rosemary and pine essential oils. [38]

certain eucalyptuus essential oils may be effective [39]

Cilantro essential oil effective [40]

Thyme cinnamon oregano effective [41]

Possibly lemongrass as it downregulates its fatty acid synthesis [42]


Add gardenia maybe orange or bitter orange, maybe carrot seed

Smells great!

See also vermouth

Bacteria See-saw

Listeria is on a see saw with mycobacterium. Possibly also corynebacterium and most likely campylobacter.


This drug is taken for tuberculosis but creates symptoms reminicent of Listeria infection. Some things it causes is gynecomastia, hepatitis, nausea vommiting, and peripheral neuropathy (which is usually campylobacter or clostridium). It makes sense because often a patient has both mycobacteria and listeria, cell mediated immunity. [43] toxoplasma also important by cellular immunity and cortisol reduces cellular immunity.

Possible smoking gun between isoniazid therqpy and developing listeria child took isoniazid for a year later got listeria [44]

Isoniazid targets part of a pathway in listeria also targeted by triclosan [45] and yes triclosan is also involved in hormone disruption. [46]

Listeria is inherently resistant to triclosan [47]

Possible mechanism; listeria infects pituitary causing excess prolactin secretion.

Listeria boosts il6 and interferon gamma [48] Causes pituitary abcess and infection [49] [50]

Listeria boosted in hemochromatosis, as well as it being linked to gynecomastia. [51]

Relationship to hormones

Estradiol and progesterone [52] and females more suseptible in general [53]

Testosterone might hurt cellular immunity [54]

Relationship to virus

Herpes virus upregulates immune system against listeria and yersinia pestis (plague) [55]. So herpesvirus carriers are likely the high energy type.

Relationship to parasites

Probably immune cross reaction between listeria and common parasites like strongyloides [56] and also from personal experience treating listeria and feeling parasite movement near eye and anus.

Sources of contamination

Huge relation to milk products [57]


First line is ellagic acid

Second line includes lemon balm.[58] Also peroxidase from fresh raw carrot juice and other vegetables. [59]

Heckel seed kills listeria and helps with nervous alertness and insomnia [60]

Cinnamon might possibly help, just from personal experience.

Melatonin in combination with reasonable doses of Retinol and Vitamin e may help [61]. Vitamin e with selenium caused stiff neck which might signal listeria detox. Wry neck probably caused by listeria is treated with vit e and selenium.

Vinegar and lemon juice kill it [62] so this might be good for massage of sore and stiff muscles caused by the bacteria.

Herbs that inhibit cell attachment including echinacea [63]

Echinacea [64]

Dont buy beta glucan as it is 4% in oats and oat flour [65]

Houttuynia cordata fish mint and black seed gentiana lutea gentian [66]

Sulforophane probably good

Milk fat and certain other fats [67]

Chronic infection

I have a suspicion that infection of listeria is required for prion diseases (like mad cow, scrapie, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, fatal familial insomnia etc) to begin. Most of the time the listeria will clear before the disease is evident.[68] linking these diseases to early abcesses may be another way.

Listeria is not thought to be a chronic disease but in reality it is. 1-10% of humans are "carriers" of the bacteria which just means they are subclinicaly chronically infected. [69] Many animals are also "carriers" and is how the bacteria is spread through the food supply. Many of the people with chronic listeria will have chronic diarrhea but some others might have chronic low level brain infection which seems to cause gynecomastia and insomnia and likely causes brain especially pituitary abcess.

Can cause chronic meningitis just like brucella [70]

Infects muscle cells including heart [71]

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