Lambs Quarters

This is the #1 survival food to grow, just ahead of onion. The only downside is oxalic acid like spinach but it can be reduced with nitrate and calcium [1], both things the plant has so just boiling or steaming it should be sufficient. If the kidneys are effected you would notice lower back pain. The leaves are one of the highest vegetable sources of complete protein and also contain salt [2] which is quite rare in survival situations. The roots also contain saponin [3] which is an ingredient in harmony. They also produce edible seeds [4] (lambs quarters is a close relative to Quinoa) which are additional source of protein and fats. Done right, you could live indefinitely on lambs quarters alone.

One of the main reasons this ranks as our survival food winner is that it is a prolific weed and you can probably start growing it even if you can't buy seeds! Lambs Quarters seeds use randomization to ensure they continue to have a foothold on the land.[5] If weeds are your thing, check out these other great options [6].

As with anything with anti-nutrients and potential toxins, soup is the ideal way to eat this.

Along with quinoa this does not significantly raise iron levels but does lower transferrin receptor 2 which could be low in iron overload and cause lowering of hepcidin. Compared to chia and amaranth though, it does not raise iron levels like those do [7].

Chenopodium berlandieri is the progenitor or ancestor of all domestic quinoa varieties [8].

Chenopodium Giganticum is a good variety for shade and chenopodium album and berlandieri [9] [10] might be heat tolerant.

Epazote is another relative that provides much medicinal properties [11]

Serine protease inhibitors in quinoa may help raise hepcidin [12]

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