ending ritual animal killing methods. Trying to destroy the pineal gland (stunning) before killing the animal. Anesthesia of humans before killing them. 2 things are needed for proper pineal functioning at death, dmt release and oxygen starvation. Trying to prevent the spirit from going back to God. Not sure if successful.

Trying to end REM sleep and our connection to the beyond. Using 5g and other things like power grid. Possibly radio. calcifying the pineal gland


Child trafficking, cps, border, elsewhere

genetically modifying humans

putting everyone on house arrest

forced masking.

Biometric collection and human marking and tracking. Includes contact tracing.

Ownership claim of land, water, air (CO2)

Exterminating our DNA in sewage, trash, keeping us from nature etc.

Fluoride added to water and toothpaste, mind controlling microbes in the environment.

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