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Had capylobacter in it, cured with ginger.
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Summary: Had capylobacter in it, cured with ginger.

Felt giddy, and wild, felt good to stretch immediately after drinking pomegranate smoothie. Then started getting signs of campylobacter including insomnia, pin prick feelings randomly on skin, and ears ringing with stuffiness. Took ginger and over the course of the day the reinging and stuffiness went away but brain fog started as well as stiff neck and carpal tunnel. I'm thinking it was campylobacter and either that is causing everything so I have been keeping taking ginger, but it doesn't seem to be breaking these symptoms. I think it is possibly Ruminococcus which is linked with lupus and brain fog. This is related to clostridium so would be killed with adaptogens like ginseng or gynostemma (coupled with a steroidal saponin like tribulus. But it could also be caused by staphylococcus which might be linked to brain fog [1] so I would rather take something else that kills clostridia that won't also kill staph. I am also noticing some pin prickiness so seems like that wasn't entirely campylobacter. We might be dealing with clostridium perferingins.

Only ever took ginger and pretty much cleared up all symptoms including brain fog. Also took one garlic capsule due to blood clots feeling (stabbing pain) in extremities and heart. But pretty sure that ginger took care of brain fog. That symptom was slow to come (took like a day to start) and slow to go away after treating with ginger (took like a day to go away).

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