Iron Overload Treatment

Taking zinc, selenium (actually lowers hepcidin but improves hemoglobin so good for iron overload), retinoids, vitamin e, vitamin d for iron overload and hoping killing any hookworm parasitic worms as well.

When taking zinc and selenium got nightmares. Reminded me of melatonin nightmares and turns out melatonin reduces iron as well. Zinc also caused bleeding.

Zinc, milk, retinol, vitamin D, horny goat weed, and selenium seems to really be helping.

Product calcium magnesium d3 zinc [1].

Zinc seems to increase body temperature, especially after taking cysteine.


Gummy product

See also Restore

Making gummies [2] shelf stable [3].

Good for high iron, low iron, immunity, and sleep.

Take one daily before bedtime. Two can be taken occasionally or for initial loading. If you need more melatonin, then take an additional melatonin supplement.


its the iron stupid [4].

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