Iron Overload

See also Iron, Hemochromatosis, Anemia, iron overload treatment, and Hepcidin.

Summary of how high iron negatively effects health [1]

Ferroptosis (oxidative cell death)

Selenium, cysteine, vitamin e, coq10, oleic acid. Also glycine, glutamate, niacinamide, folic acid, mitoquinone, thioredoxin, Baicalein [2]


Complex I

Coq10 based, high iron causes dysfunction [3]

Complex V


Homocysteine correlate with high free iron [4]

Hematologists recommend pyridoxine folic acid and cobalamin [5] probably because they know homocysteine plays a role in the disease.

Hemochromatosis can be caused by folic acid deficiency [6]


Compromises the effect of phagocytes [7]

Ferritin used to keep iron away from bacteria [8] but what if having more in ferritin makes the body absorb more? Perhaps the microbes cause the body to adapt tothem in a way that more iron gets absorbed creating hemochromatosis.

Inhibition of IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha, IL-12, and nitric oxide [9]


Affects heart kidney and liver

Common nutrient deficiencies [10]

Heart palpitations

Altered melatonin synthesis [11]

Iron overload can activate macrophages [12] causing enhancment of COX2 and thus PGE2 and/or PGD2. Thus likely chronic fatigue.


Hair loss

Fissured tongue and thiamine [13] deficiency.

Lowered thiamine, riboflavin, pyroxidine, selenium, zinc, and others [14].

Diabetes and and high triglycerides and low hdl and high BMI linked to high ferritin. Waist circumference and blood pressure not related [15].

Daytime sleepiness linked to low hepcidin [16].

Infreased dopamine and 5-ht serotonin and agression in flies [17]

Pyroxidine B6 deficiency [18].

High cobalamin and folic acid might be a symptom [19] perhaps because of messed up methylation and homocysteine


Treatments can include natural chelator, hepcidin increasers, or herbs that treat the infectious causes (or other natural treatments that boost immunity to said pathogens). Also retinoids vitamin A can improve iron handling and make more hemoglobin with iron also reduces ferritin [20]. Heptadecanoic acid 17:0 reduced ferritin in dolphins [21]. Heptadecanoic acid is only significantly found in dairy [22] and certain fishes like pinfish and mullet. Zinc reduces iron overload as well as reducing copper [23].

Sufferers are deficient in heart saving Coq10 [24]

Folic acid reduces iron overload [25] and prevents hemolysis [26].

Vitamin e and selenium reduces heart palpitations and iron in iron overloaded mice [27]

Certain things that thin the blood blood thinners like melatonin [28], vitamin e, and zinc reduce iron in the body. Some say that like NSAIDS they increase GI bleeding which causes blood loss but I think it just makes it easier for the kidneys to filter iron from the blood into the urine.

Possibly rubia cordifolia herb [29]

Increases risk for liver disease (cirrhosis, cancer), heart failure, diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, numerous symptoms, premature death, Alzheimer’s, early-onset Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. [30]

Hydrophobic vs hydrophilic chelators [31]

I feel like beet might help

Turmeric, milk thistle, quercetin, citrus flavanoids, baicalein, genestein [32]

icariin, astragalus, and puerarin [33]

Phosphate repletion seems to help [34] as well as helping with h pylori

Taurine normalizes glutathione in iron overload [35] [36]

Natural Chelators


Ferritin lowering

Hepcidin elevators

Low hepcidin causes iron accumulation in the body. [63] Hepcidin is decreased in hemochromatosis [64].

Things that increase hepcidin:

Infectious causes

microbes linked to enhanced growth with excess iron [106]

Yersinia vibrio salmonella listeria mycobacterium pasteurella legionella [107]

Other contributors

G6PD causes hemolysis and folic acid can treat it.

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