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Similar to Trypophobia which is fear of clusters of circular objects or other shape based phobias, Horaphobia (or horophobia) is fear of an hourglass shape. It can also refer to an abrupt necking down of a shape even if it doesn't widen again, like a fiddle neck or a lobster claw.

This innate fear could be utilized by poisonous creatures as a warning such as the hourglass image shape on spiders like the black widow and brown recluse. Even the shape of spiders with the stark change of size between the thorax and abdomen is an example of this imagery. Also the shape of the head of poisonous snakes such as the copperhead, rattlesnakes, and vipers; with the most prominent of course the international image of fear - the cobra. Diamondback markings on snakes are also an example of this hourglass imagery.

Snakes also exploit Virgaphobia.

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