Hohokam were a sonoran desert dwelling people, so looking at the crops they grew are essential for desert survival. They grew lambs quarters, milkvetch, tansy mustard, javalina bush, wild barley (Hordeum pusillum, Hordeum. sp) and others [1] [2], as well as bean (tepary), corn (Onaveiio), and winter squash.

Other beans they used: the common bean (P. vulgaris), scarlet runner beans (P. coccineus), tepary beans (P. acutifolius), lima beans (P. lunatus) and jack beans (Canavalia ensiformis).

Squash Cucurbita mixta and C. pepo. The Hohokam also cultivated a third member of the squash family, the bottle-gourd (Lagenaria siceraria), probably for use as containers or rattles.

Drought resistant chiltepin [Capsicum annuum] was likely used.

Full look at the hohokam society [3] [txt]

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