Heart Palpitations


Also known as heart skipping beats, heart palpitations are caused by oxidative stress and bacteria. Retinoids are a major help as is garlic which kills mycobacterium and ellagic acid which neutralizes iron and also h pylori. Vitamin d might be the best all around cure for treating mycobacterium as well as h pylori [1].

Potassium supplementation is especially helpful in stopping palpitations partially due to high blood pressure.

Palpitations is common in iron overload and effects at least 1/4 of people with hemochromatosis [2].

Zinc and vitamin d deficiency profoundly effects heart [3]. These got rid of my palpitations too. H pylori seems to deplete zinc [4]. Zinc seems to really calm the heart and make it beat less vigorously. Same with calcium it seems.

Heart skipping beats caused by iron overload and gluten sensitivity

If accompanied by twitching may be caused by c tetani bacteria.

Inflammation, viruses, and bacteria common causes of myocarditis [5] which causes heart palpitations. Garlic also should be taken to prevent blood clots. Perhaps also pericarditis?

Nutrient deficiencies

Coq10 reduces palpitations [6] and can treat myopathy. In my experience it increased the strength and rate of heart beats when taken with zinc. It is known to increase heart rate [7]

Vitamin d magnesium thiamine and more [8]

Carnitine selenium and more [9]

Cobalamin and folic acid [10]

Vitamin e and selenium reduces palpitations and iron in iron overloaded mice [11]

Calcium and zinc seem to help a lot and make heart beat softer which is helpful if you have a pounding heart.

Magnesium mmaybe phosphorus [12] [13]

Magnesium [14]


Mycobacterium can cuase it and 6 month chemotherapy needed, naturally garlic is chemo for TB.

H pylori is a super common cause and is best countered with l reuteri, maple sap, and coq10 with zinc


Potentially linked to strongyloides

Yarrow seems to be helping with the palpitations so perhaps because it is fighting strongy. also blood vessles seem more pliable, but this also might increase risk for aneurysm


Pesticides increase atrial fibrillation risk by 500% [15]


Personal experience with Garlic and ellagic acid and other herbs that treat h pylori like broccoli seed or sprout powder or possibly bitter melon [16]

Hawthorn appears another option [17].

Encyclopedia of herbal medicine [18] has great info about the heart and suggests magnesium as first line of defense and treatment, as well as dandelion root for the kidneys and as a diuretic. You and I know the best diuretic is simply potassium as bicarbonate or citrate.


Beware prescrition drugs for heart palpitations may cause elongation of QT interval which may lead to sudden cardiac death [19]. Natural remedies much preferred.

Strauss heart drops: Extracts of Aged garlic (bulb), hawthorn (fruit), European mistletoe (leaf), motherwort (aerial), cayenne (fruit), hawthorn (leaf & flower), bilberry (leaf), white willow (bark)

Mine was mainly caused by nutrient deficiencies causing iron overload and h pylori overgrowth, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Within the following was my cure and I am sure yours as well.

  1. coq10 [20] seems to have increased the strength of beats (taken with zinc). [21]
  2. vitamin d, Retinol, vitamin e, zinc. Zinc really reduced the strength of beats.
  3. Lowering homocysteine with folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, cobalamin, serine.
  4. Cooked Broccoli, cauliflower, wakame, raw carrot really helped probably peroxidase in the carrots. Pantothenic acid in cauliflower. Fucoxanthan and fucoidin in wakame (brown seaweed).
  5. Ellagic acid, broccoli seed kill h pylori and helped significantly but temporarily.
  6. garlic kills bacillus which cause blood clots similar to vitamin d but temporary.
  7. Calcium, magnesium, potassium. Potassium obviously reduces high blood pressure which helps. Calcium like zinc made heart less agitated. Magnesium might have helped.
  8. Carnitine from eating meat especially pork. Beef has even more but couldnt eat too much because my iron is high.
  9. Selenium, Pantothenic acid, Biotin, thiamine, Niacinamide. One or more of these (especially the first three) really finished the cure.
  10. Essential oils on the chest especially carrot, peppermint, eucalyptus and myocare blend.
  11. Taurine and Magnesium [22] good supplement including coq10 [23]
  12. Activated charcoal can help if the palpitations are caused by gram negative bacteria, the same type that causes hiccups.
  13. Cardiac glycoside can potentially help but are very easy to overdose, in which case take 2 capsules of activated charcoal often as needed the next few days. Also take magnesium. Avoid sodium and potassium.

VitaAid [24]

  1. 100mg ubiquinone
  2. 150mg L-carnatine
  3. 50mg Taurine
  4. 20mg Magnesium from ?mg magnesium bisglycinate
  5. 900mg Hawthorn powder (or 75mg 12:1 extract 5% procyanidins)


A tooth may be infected harboring bacteria (seen above) that can cause heart palpitations.

Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol can contribute [25]

Dopamine acting on D1 receptor causes ventricular arrhythmia [26]

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