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  1. 10g 90% Ellagic Acid (starting supplement for iron reduction and listeria and h pylori chronic infection
  2. 10g dandelion
  3. 7g lavender
  4. 10g ginger
  5. 10g Garlic powder (added for heartburn)
  6. 7g Cranberry powder (added for kidney related lower back pain
  7. 5g mustard
  8. 7g citric acid
  9. 4g gynostemma
  10. 2g tribulus
  11. 5g potassium citrate
  12. 5g Glycine
  13. 5g cinnamon cassia
  14. 2 cap thiamine
  15. 2 cap riboflavin
  16. 2 cap niacin
  17. 1g marigold extract (5% zeaxanthan)

getting stabbing pain in lung. possible mycobacterium, but that should be covered with garlic. Potentials are saponins for gram pos, ginger, etc. Also getting brain zaps upon wakening. Ginger treats that. Also shooting gut cramp when need to go #2. Sinus headache, rashyness in skin folds, trouble sleeping, stiff neck. May be staph or strep on some of these which treated with tribulus and gynostemma. Note I am still using just the garlic and ellagic acid combo and also had some beef which exacerbates my iron overload. Also likely haemophilis. Adding potassium citrate. Took a while to add because alkaline with ellagic seems to hurt the kidneys.

May need nore help with pseudomonas, perhaps more mustard or something.

Also need more help with haemo which is currently only hit with lavender. Haemo causes anger.

also starting to get liver pain. I think I remember track,ing that down to gallbladder infecting bacteria gram negative like klebsiella. Diatomaceous earth took care of it, perhaps mustard will.

stentrophomonas overgrowth[1], taking cinnamon. Also got some staph bodily infection.


increased garlic 10g was 5g. Gynostemna 4g was 3g. Cinnamon 5g was 0g. Thiamine 2 cap was 0. Niacin 2 cap was 0. Riboflavin 2 cap was 0. Glycine 5g was 0. Added glycine to chelate iron. Added garlic to help heartburn and blood clots. Gynostemma increased for joints and other gram pos problems.


10g ginger was 5g since campylobacter symptoms like brain zaps upon wakening, and neuropathy like pin prick feelings randomly on body.


Lower left quadrant pain 2 days. Took harmony fixed it for a day. Came back and took mustard and that pretty much took care of it. Need to increase mustard from 5g probably if that keeps helping. update 1/10, pain back I think it is h pylori (ulcer-like) so try adding brocoli seed powder perhaps. Felt a bit of pins and needles too and blood clots in fingers too. So for clots garlic and for pins and needles could be ginger could be gynostemma.

Eventually want artichoke leaf powder for cynarin. Already have dandelion root for taraxacin.[2]

Need fucoxanthan, either brown seaweed extract, wakame/alaria powder, or fucoxanthan extract.

Need beta glucan either from oat bran or oat extract.

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