Folic Acid

Similar to drug that treats cognitive decline [1].

May reduce iron levels in iron overload [2]. It seems it reduces the bodies cobalt causing cobalamin deficiency [3]

Shouldn't take above 1000mcg over long periods [4] [5]. Perhaps you can take more methylated folate. Probably should take with cobalamin B12

Might help mobilize metals like copper or iron helping with gray hair [6] from mobilizing copper. If it mobilizes iron it might help excrete iron in iron overload hemochromatosis. We know it helps in anemia so it likely does mobilize iron and likely cobalt.

Raynauds likely caused by folic acid deficiency [7].

Mthf a bit more effective than folic acid at reducing homocysteine [8]

Mtfr on eyes [9] and also here we see about double homocysteine lowering compared to folic acid [10]

Deficiency causes neurotransmitter problems so probably depression or adhd [11]

May be downregulated due to chronic mycobacterium [12]


Pantothenic acid needed [13]


Chelates iron copper nickel [14]

Looks similar to ionophore molecules and interacts with zinc [15]


List of 10+ benefits [16] [17]

Improves fertility of both sexes [18]

Thicker scrotum skin less prone to infections [19].

Reduces iron overload [20]

Methyl cobalamin and folic acid reduce chronic fatigue [21]

Reduces erectile dysfunction [22] and probably premature ejaculation [23].


Effectively seems to kill h pylori and enhances campylobacter which are on a bacteria see-saw causing pins and needles. Cobalamin seems to help with this as well as ginger and thiamine


Upregulates p38 MAPK phosphorylation [24] which might be detrimental to pasteurella infection.


Reduce effectiveness against chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia [25].

Unmetabolized folic acid

Lowers iron, promotes cancer, lowers immunity [26] probably improved with methyl cobalamin.


Seems to mobilize cholesterol [27] [28] causing heart palpitations. However taking it with oatmeal helps the body excrete the high cholesterol mobilized by folic acid and stops the heart palpitations.

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