False Flag


  1. Lockheed Martin. Did columbine and 9-11 and vegas shooting false flags.
  2. Media Matters. Did reporter shooting and comet ping pong false flags.
  3. Open societies. George soros activist group that creates non-grassroots uprisings for political purposes. Probably works with Media Matters or Lockheed martin to organize false flags during uprisings like "unite the right" rally.
  4. FBI. The FBI uses its extensive network of criminals that it has on it's payroll to work as confidential informants. Criminals are used because they can be easily manipulated since the FBI has leverage over them to charge them with crimes if they don't cooperate. These criminals are incentivized by the FBI to entrap innocent people into evil and fake schemes - they are literally paid if they create criminal schemes and get other people to agree to participate in them. Even when the innocent entrapped people commit no crime, since they say they are willing to go along with the informant's plan, they are arrested and charged with the crime and then the FBI claims they "stopped a crime before it happened".
  5. CIA. Just like the FBI but they operate against foreign countries instead of against the american people. How it works is either the US government or a large american company complains to the CIA that a foreign government is unwilling to work with them. Then the CIA organizes a coup to overthrow the uncooperative government. This is illustrated by Elon Musk and Lithium in Bolivia [1].


Whittmer kidnapping

FBI disgraced [2]

Jan 6th

Justice for january 6th J6 rally at the capitol [3] [4]. Probably put on by george soros open societies which is responsible for occupy movement and black lives matter and unite the right rally. Hillary clinton even spoke about it [5] and we know she is friends with soros.

FBI had multiple informants involved [6].

Commandos present [7]

Ted cruz, a failed candidate for the two witnesses, echos democrat talking points on the event [8]

Gabby Petito

In sandy hook video [9] she was an actress [10].

Triangles in video [11]

Motive could be to eliminate domestic violence prosecution loopholes. Or more sharing information between spy agencies:
"reach out to these other organizations that do similar things and find out what’s missing"[12]

Petito family set up a foundation to recieve donations just like all fake victim families do [13].

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