Elixir Of Life

The white hare of the moon making the elixir of life at the foot of the cassia tree [1]

See also tree of life. Made with a long stick and wooden bucket similar to churning butter but to macerate the fruits and herbs as water and/or sap is added little by little. Ingredients should be cleaned (to prevent spoilage) and chopped before adding to bucket. Eventually when it reaches final dilution it should be strained and carbonated (or brewed similarly to root beer). Can be filtered through diatomaceous earth to make clear if desired.

Modern production would probably employ a blender or especially a juicer.


  1. wash then chop all ingredients
  2. use blender like the blendtec or ninja to finely puree everything
  3. use centrifugal juicer to strain pulp
  4. use centrifuge to clarify
  5. use 22 um filter under vacuum to sterilize
  6. bottle in glass and carbonate to 33psi 40c while shaking
  7. sous vide to internal temp of 60c for 15 minutes for long term storage


Higher heat for shorter time is less hard on peroxidase also active peroxidase degrades nutrients during storage [2] so ideally we want to reversibly inactivate peroxidase during storage.

Stabilizing horseradish peroxidase with guar gum and galactose [3].

Co2 increases peroxidase activity [4].

Peroxidase can degrade lignin and cellulose [5].

Coronavirus inactivated at 60c for 5 mins [6].

70c reccomended for legionella [7].

90% of legionella killed in 2 mins at 60c, calculate other times [8] ~15 minutes enough to kill to 7 standard deviations [9] [10].

60c to 56c would take about 6x longer to sterilize [11].

Ingredients (all fresh where applicable)

  1. Birch sap
  2. Maple sap
  3. Glucose syrup to sweetness
  4. Ginger - campylobacter
  5. Garlic - mycobacterium and bacillus
  6. Pomegranate whole fruit including peel - ellagic acid
  7. Cilantro leaf - potassium and detox
  8. Nettle leaf -
  9. Celery- sodium
  10. Carrot root - sweetness, peroxidase, h pylori, listeria
  11. Beet root - nitrate
  12. Bergamot orange whole fruit including peel - limonene
  13. Kaffir lime whole fruit including peel
  14. Artichoke leaf -
  15. Turmeric
  16. Wild grape - grape seed extract
  17. Sarsaparilla - steroidal saponins absorption enhancer for triterpenoids
  18. Ginseng - triterpenoids gram pos
  19. Passionflower
  20. Lavender flowers - clostridium tetani
  21. Rosemary - antioxidant
  22. Cranberry - UTI
  23. Sea Buckthorn whole fruit - sterols and retinoids
  24. Thyme - many bacteria
  25. Oregano
  26. Peppermint - anaerobic
  27. Clove
  28. Pineapple peel or root
  29. Coconut flesh
  30. Dandelion root - prion
  31. Burdock root
  32. Elm shoots - strongyloides
  33. Yarrow flowers - strongyloides
  34. Wakame - brown seaweed extract, strongyloides
  35. Kale - vitamin k and h pylori
  36. Astragalus - asthma saponins adaptogen
  37. Comfrey leaf - cellular regeneration
  38. Tobacco leaf - strongyloides
  39. Marshmallow root - UTI
  40. Licorice root - sweetness and pseudomonas
  41. Spearmint - pseudomonas
  42. Lemongrass - citral h pylori
  43. Geranium flower
  44. Horseradish root - psuedomonas
  45. Horsetail - silica
  46. Blue mallow
  47. Henna
  48. German chamomile
  49. Citronella
  50. Moringa leaves
  51. Ginko biloba leaves
  52. Osha root


Osha root native american adaptogen [12] [13].

Elixir of life in chinese life, potassium nitrate and aluminum sulfate found in it [14] [15].

Peroxidase like found in carrot and horseradish fights listeria and probably h pylori.

Cilantro leaf highest in potassium [16].

Marshmallow root against UTI [17].

Astragalus for asthma [18].

Jamaican Ginger beer recipe [19].

Pineapple peel parasites [20]

Root beer various ingredients [21].

Kaffir lime juice used for leaches and lice [22] essential oil mainly citronellal and some citronellol.

Bergamot high in limonene.

Hoseradish has similar use to mustard but is not toxic to dogs.

Henna blue mallow coltsfoot nettle [23].

200 year old elixir recipe [24].

Preservation of birch sap and use as rennet [25]. Birch beer recipe [26].

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