Death appears to be a process from differentiation back to embryonic [1] and my belief is into a seed.

In one perspective, reproduction is a form of death. Who you are physically, becomes a seed that then grows into another human bieng.

In a similar way I think our soul becomes into a seed after we die. It appears it is connected to our cells and physical body, and the spirit is just the breath of life and returns to God who gave it [2].

Similar to plato's theory of forms [3]; who we are becomes a "seed form" when we die that then can be grown into a new creation. Harvested at the resurrection as it were [4].

We can also look at DNA in the environment, the GVR model [5] which states that who you become, your genetic code is passed on to other creatures of different species or your own species that can integrate genetic tools that you developed in your life.

We can also look at a society. Societies die. In order to create a new one, the strong have to turn themselves into seeds and die in war or martyrdom.

Back to a person; if we are wild we may or may not become a new creation naturally if the conditions are right (like a seed naturally falling into nature). But if we are domesticated then we will be harvested by a farmer and sown into fertile soil.

Jesus taught that a seed must die and fall to the ground to bear fruit [6].

Is the end of life process of the Pineal gland necessary for a proper death function? This may not be happening when animals are "stunned" before slaughter with either shorting out the brain circuitry with electricity or driving a 4 in bolt through the brain destroying the pineal gland [7] [8] [9].

Death as an irreversible coma [10].

Death is difficult to define [11]. In my experience people join the afterlife from about 2-4 weeks after they "die" and are given up on by medical science. The data I have is that I have vibrant dreams of people who have recently died but it starts a few weeks after their "death". My belief is this means there is a few week period where it possible to revive someone with good enough technology. -NatureHacker


Several bacteria implicated like mycobacterium, pasteurella, h pylori, campylobacter, fusobacterium, bacillus

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