Coronavirus causes exacerbation of haemophilus and mycobacterium and perhaps others. Likewise it can be prevented or cured with cinnamon or lavender and garlic respectively.

SARS-COV and MERS-COV have cross reactive antibodies, which means that exposure to SARS can immunize you against MERS. Also this means testing might have overlap of the 2 so having sars you might test positive if they are looking for mers.


Blood sugar, niacinamide, and selenium [1].

Homocysteine increases severity of infection of covid-19 and probably predicts bad reactions to vaccine [2]


Loss of taste and smell may be linked to zinc deficiency [3].



Fauci funded gain of function research in 2014 and 2019 with 3 million dollars to wuhan institute of virology to mix coronaviruses and affirm infectivity to humans. [5]. See Problem reaction solution.


Mycobacterium tuberculosis plays major role in covid-19 and spanish flu pandemics [6].

Lentivirus are derived from HIV and integrate into the host genome [7].

COVID has not increased death rate [8].

mRNA, DNA, and Viral vector vaccines are all very new to medicine and first debuted in 2019 [9] yet we are mass using them globally before we understand the risks.

Top vaccine scientist warns against vaccine [10]

Autoimmunity pathogenic priming [11] [12]. Most die upon reinfection [13].

Lower vaccination rates on weekends [14] and I have noticed most people have appointments during the night. These two data points to me that they want people to be vaccinated when they are sleeping. I think there will be higher rates of adult SIDS for adults because of this, people will die in their sleep when they have a reaction during the night to the vaccine.

Vaccines may sensitize people to more severe covid-19 [15].

Activates latent mycobacterium tuberculosis [16].

Video showing the case rates over time in the US [17].


nurses [18] [19] [20]


See also vaccine

Spike protien attacks respiratory center [21] which may cause sleep apnea.

Full list and explanation of adverse events [22].

reverse transcriptase integrates COVID-19 into DNA [23]

Pilots heavily affected [24] probably from the fumes in the cabin thet are like insecticides that effect actletylcholine.

Pathogenic priming [25] and proof it is happening but it looks like wash with unvaccinated in death by covid [26]. However the vaccine induces eosinphil infiltration when you get reexposed to virus so even if it is a wash with covid death, you will probably have enhanced chronic diseases due to enhanced inflammation since eosinophils enhance inflamation [27]

It is possible that a shockingly high number of spontaneous abortions are happening to mothers vaccinated in the first trimester of pregnancy [28] (or before?)

BCG vaccine which is a live mycobacterium bovis strain has cross reactivity with covid [29].

30% of people in saudi arabia are immune deficient to mycobacterium#immune, there 90% of people experienced symptoms [30].

Likely reactivates latent mycobacterium tuberculosis [31] via spike protien.

Running list of all types of gene therapy vaccine side effects [32] [33].

Spike protien damages the lungs and arteries [34].

Causes myocarditis especially in young males [35].

2 in 1 coronavirus and influenza vaccine will be how the Spanish flu is secretly introduced.


Appears to be the UK variant sprayed in chemtrails over the US. Causes blood clots and peripheral neuropathy.

Unnatural cures



Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, z-pak by dr zelenko [36].

Natural cures

Ginger - for peripheral neuropathy (campylobacter)

Garlic - for blood clots (bacillus) and heartburn

Natural treatments [37].

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