I rank corn as the #4 best survival food. Corn provides lots of calories per growth area [1] and cultures like midwestern americans and native cultures have used corn as a real staple. You can basically survive on corn forever since it is a source of not only carbs and protiens but also fats making it a pretty complete food.

Corn is also reasonably storable, it just needs to be dried which isn't too tough since the kernels are small. Once dried corn can last nearly indefinitely, which is more than you can say about fresh onions and potatoes.

Corn is also pretty suseptible to pests and disease, but not too bad, perhaps on par with potatoes which is one reason it is at 4th spot in my estimation.

For a given situation though, if you can protect against pests and can dry it, corn might be your best bet survival food.

Corn can be made into bread, but like all survival foods I suggest making into a soup.

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