Chronic Fatigue

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Powerpoint on infectious causes mostly intracellular bacteria [1] including porphyromonas. Most intracellular are collagen degrading and this gives a good list of suspects. Also homocysteine is related to collagen.

My suspicion is it is caused by PGE2 and/or PGD2 over expression.

We have all heard of "mono" or mononucleosis, aka the kissing disease, that causes fatigue and tiredness.

Well there are also bacteria called intracellular bacteria that also cause mononucleosis. Some of these can be primarily acute like listeria, or lifelong like brucella. Intracellular bacteria along with a few viruses are implicated in chronic fatigue [2]. Some of these bacteria, especially brucella, also seem to cause myositis which seems related.

Symptoms most related to CFS include depression and anxiety [3].


The treatment really depends on the cause of the fatigue, visit the linked bacteria pages below for more info.

Citronella really seems to be helping with a low level broad feeling fatigue linked with insomnia.

Complex V

Mitochondrial complex V implicated [4], which is also effected by parasites like malaria [5]

Insulin Resistance

If you get tired after eating, Insulin Resistance may play a big role, also linked with Listeria. Avocado can improve as well as riboflavin and thiamine. This might also be linked to iron overload or hemochromatosis.

phosphorus deficiency

Phosphorus diabetes [6]


Both Anemia and Iron overload can cause fatigue [7]


Fatigue of MAC patients is virtually universal [8].


Listeria seems to present with chronic fatigue that is especially apparent after exertion or large meals. Sleep and rest help this one. Listeria combated with ellagic acid. Listeria also tends to cause abscess.


Brucella likely causes chronic fatigue with myositis, ie: a feeling of weak hands or grip when awakening from sleep. Brucella combatted with cinnamon.


Giardia is also linked to particularly debilitating chronic fatigue. It presents with foul smelling excrement (like dog feces) and diarrhea or loose stools. Countered with garlic.


Clostridium may cause chronic fatigue [9] and is also a cause of neuropathy. So if you experience nerve pain, tingling, or burning sensations, this could be a cause of the fatigue. Clostridium is countered with adaptogens and steroidal saponin synergy.


Chlamydia pnemonia also linked to multiple sclerosis [10].

Generalized microbiome changes

Enterobacteria and prevotella increased in people with chronic fatigue, and typically more inflamatory. [11]

More general microbiome shifts [12].

Increased clostridium, enterococcus, and streptococcus among others [13].


Parasitic worms like hookworm can cause chronic fatigue [14].


Peanuts can be infected with intracellular bacteria that produce fatigue and myositis (so likely brucella) and can be combatted with cinnamon.

Vitamins and minerals

Calcium, Magnesium, niacinamide, pantothenic acid may help along with others [15]

Riboflavin is important for energy levels [16].

Iron overload and hemochromatosis can cause macrophage activation releasing prostaglandins pge2 and/or pgd2 causing fatigue. The #1 symptom of hemochromatosis is chronic fatigue.

Writer of "the iron time bomb" links iron overload with fatigue and reccoments coq10 especially for heart failure [17]

Retinoids, vitamin d, vitamin e all implicated in chronic fatigue [18].

Zinc deficiency is strongly related to chronic fatigue by way of cellular immunity [19].

Phosphorus deficiency is a huge cause [20] along with cobalamin folic acid vitamin d TSH hemochromatosis.


Cox2 and nfkb upregulated in chronic fatigue [21] which elevates prostaglandins.

Haemophilus and H pylori

Both of these upregulate PGE2 and thus cause reduction in cellular immunity to intracellular bacteria and these bacteria cause chronic fatigue.

Haemophilus cause adenoids swelling which can cause sleep apnea [22].


Post EBV and Parvovirus [23].

Coxsackie [24]

Adenovirus and EBV [25]

Various viruses [26]

Hepatitis C

Enterovirus theory [27]


IL-8 and IL-23 changed in chronic fatigue post EBV [28]. IL-8 causes oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress may make you smarter [29].

Oxidative stress mitochondria [30].

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