Campylobacter is countered with ginger and also marigold and some other herbs.

Essential oils against campylobacter [1] marigold > ginger root > jasmine > patchouli > gardenia > cedarwood > carrot seed > celery seed > mugwort > spikenard > orange bitter oils;

Campylobacter causes symptoms like insomnia, brain zaps, pin prick feelings randomly on body, ringing in the ears, vertigo, etc.

Chronic squelae can include Guillain-Barre [2]

Squelae from campylobacter infections [3] including irritable bowel syndrome IBS [4].

Salvia divinorum causes severe overgrowth of campylobacter.

In my experience there is probably a link between this bacteria and pernicious anemia. In addition to methyl cobalamin supplementation thiamine might also be helpful.

Overgrowth linked to antidepressant use in my experience.

Intestinal pain

rhythmic on-and-off cramping in the intestines some people associate with having to go to the bathroom, may be campylobacter (or possibly strongyloides). This can happen especially when treating with h pylori using ellagic acid. This cramping is countered with ginger, if it is in fact caused by campy. However the ginger likely will not help before one has to go to the bathroom. If one does not have to go to the bathroom, taking ginger might help push it through.

Bacteria See-saw

definitely with h pylori and possibly listeria.

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