Bacteria See-saw

A bacteria see-saw is a relation between 2 or more bacteria where if ome is reduced or supressed the other takes over. This is basically because both fill the same niche in the body but both are suseptible to different anti-microbial therapies or herbs.

The most common I experience is campylobacter and h pylori. Another is h pylori and ecoli. Another is listeria and mycobacterium.

H pylori and Brucella

H pylori lower in brucella patients [1].

campylobacter and h pylori

h pylori and e coli

listeria(/h pylori?) and mycobacterium

This see-saw is often encountered when mycobacterium is killed off with Isoniazid. Listeria overgrows causing gynecomastia and other issues. Alternatively things that kill listeria like ellagic acid might lead to an overgrowth of mycobacterium which can cause mid back pain and other things.

Bacillus and Listeria

Subtilosin [2]

Serratia and Listeria

This is hypothetical based on experience, need to look for mechanism. Serratia seems to produce pain and possibly trigenminal neuralgia. Using thyme essential oil seems to reduced the abscess size (bump) probably by reducing listeria, but the shooting pain returned. Originally got pain under control with lemongrass so was likely serratia. Yes this seems true, lemongrass which kills serratia caused the abcess, which means caused listeria to overgrow.

Pseudomonas and Listeria

Pseudomonas infection lowers Listeria cellular immunity via enhancement of PGE1 which is countered by asprin [3].

Faecalibacteria and Actinobacteria

Happens in Bipolar [4]. There may be a relation but it needs actual testing. This is only a hypothesis.

Leuconostoc and Bacillus

Killing leuconostoc might cause an overgrowth of bacillus that causes bradycardia or weak heart beat

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