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Possible biden replacements including pete buttigieg [1] and Gavin Newsom. Or the antichrist himself Martin O'Malley will install himself in 2024.

Fear of Covid-19 and the gene destroying Vaccine are heralding and ushering in the Antichrist.

2024 antichrist

The mistake this antichrist has made is he refuses to loose. The prophecy is that power will be given to the antichrist from 2024 until 2031, and that the two witnesses would reign 2020 - 2024 [2]. The fact that the antichrist began the political inquisition in 2016 with the persecution of Trump even before the revelation 12 sign, which itself was only a warning that there are only 7 years left before the tribulation, and kicked off criminal proceedings with the roger stone arrest in 2019, and now the alex jones trial and raid of trump in 2022, they are jumping the gun and this will seal the prophecy that they will be over in 2031. They began after Great comet in 2013 which was the 4th four horsemen and 4th of the 7 seals, each of which was the turning of the age.

Them jumping the gun means that they will likely not be successful in killing the two witnesses. They may have been able to stay in power longer, perhaps another decade, had they only stole the 2024 election via election rigging and let trump finish his second term in 2020 without interference. That method would have blindsided and effectively gaslit the american people, had they taken all the time until the 2024 election to convince the american people of their propoganda like the green new deal and climate change using engineered disasters like chemtrails bringing drought and breaking off a chunk of antarctica causing global sea rise.

They were to afraid to do these things under trump and risk that he foils their plans, problem reaction solution. They started with covid in 2019 and realized that if they do the disasters under trump they might not be able to control the solutions so they installed biden so that he will make the decisions they want him to make when they roll out the rest of the plans. Since they jumped the gun, this is their mistake and they will come to a swift end. Installing Biden in 2020 has woken most of america up, before the tribulation has even begun, that the left does not have a method to bring prosperity and they only bring poverty, subjugation, and death.

They may try to use the supreme court to reinstate trump in 2022 in order to attempt to make up for their mistake and carry out more disasters under him to make people want them in 2024, but the cat is already out of the bag and this toothpaste cannot be put back inside the tube. People already know the left has no solutions. Their fate is sealed.

Shadow cabinet

Biden is not the antichrist but is a puppet of the shadow cabinet. Even the "real" cabinet was selected by the shadow one.

The shadow cabinet is composed of most likely Martin O'Malley, Hillary clinton, John Kerry, Buzz Aldrin, Ray Mabus, Barack Obama, Anthony Fauci, and likely others. Of course Joe Biden is a member of this club and he was the one selected to play a role as a disposable puppet figurehead. One way to help find those in this inner circle are those that have visited antarctica.


Nostradamus prophecies of 3 antichrists, prophecy was 1555 [3] which was after the last (3rd) horseman in 1347. The horseman are comets in 15AD, 681 AD, 1347 AD, and 2013 AD. So his prophecies were after the third, and basically the next would be a combination of three people, napoleon, hitler, and the third which would arrive at the next passing of the comet which was 2013, ISON. Martin O'Malley came on the scene in around 2012 as he was seen as a presidential hoepfull for the 2016 presidency [4] and who formally started his campaign in 2015.

Mabus in Quatrain 62 may be Ray Mabus former secretary of the Navy [5]and possibly a member of the shadow cabinet of biden along with obama and o'malley. His death might signify the beginning of the mass vaccine deaths. Mabus is still active in the Navy in 2022 at the commisioning of the USS Ft Lauderdale [6]

He predicted the end of the world around 4000 AD [7] which lines up with my understanding of the 7 seals which are 666 years apart starting 15 AD which would put my end date around 4011 AD. He also predicts the 27 year war which might be in 2028 if g w bush is the antichrist. This is clost to 2029 apophis which I believe is Hades of revelation 6 of the 4th horseman [8]. He also predicts 1000 years of pace after the third antichrist [9] which I also predict which is after the stone cut without hands crushes all the nations of the earth [10] and the people are free from what we now see as governments for 1000 years.

George W Bush

gwbush may be mabus [11]. He became frontrunner in July 1999 [12]. He soon "died" which could mean he lost power. Could also be Martin O'Malley who had a surprise win to become mayor of baltimore in 1999 [13]

Bring to life king of the mongols [14] Xi Jinping started his rjse around 1999 and took power around the time of the comet 2012-2013 [15]

War on terror began 9-11 2001 so "27 year war" prophecied by nostradamus may end september 11th 2028. If it began in 1998 with osama bin laden declaring fatwa against the united states, that puts the end in 2025 which I have predicted is the beginning of WW3. His prediction of 100 powers rising up might be 100 countries against the west which begins ww3.

Comet [16] [17] could refer to ISON in 2013 which is after the "death" (loss of power) of gwbush in 2008 and there was thirst and famine in the third world and countries rising up against the US.

Bush "calling" [18] could be reminiscent of an antichrist.

Martin O'Malley

This is the dream I saw in 2018 [19] that he was the antichrist two snakes shaped as 6's and the third snake lunged biting at my face in the dream and as it did I woke up. I didn't know who it was, but I saw the state of maryland and when researching governors there found Martin, and he looked very similar to the dream but was more tan than he is today. I remember he was hanging out with FBI and used crude language and swore. I am guessing he will do this to make people pay attention to him and be entranced like Hitler.

Martin O'Malley who had a surprise win to become mayor of baltimore in 1999 [20]

27 year war could have begun in 1999 as Fauci implied, and fauci may be just one of the generals of the antichrist along with Mabus.


Fauci thinks he is the antichrist. He predicts Covid-19 will last until he is 105 [21]. He will be 105 in 2046. 2046 - 27 years (Nostradamus quatrain 77 [22]) is 2019. So he is saying he is the antichrist and his war begain in 2019. Wishful thinking because my prediction is the world will throw covid under the bus before the mini-tribulation begins in 2024 and WW3 starts in 2025. This is also why he thinks he will die soon [23] because it says that antichrist would be very soon annihilated.

I think he is decendent of Fausti which was Faust's Latin name [24] (and his decendents changed the name to Fauci to conceal this fact while also carrying on the rememberance) famous from the Faustian bargain [25].

Kathy Hochul

NY governor who took over for Andrew Cuomo who sexually harrassed employees is even more of a tyrant that he is if that were possible. She basically declared herself the vaccine christ and is recruiting apostles to proclaim the good news of the vaccine depopulation gospel [26].

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