3 D Chromaton Disc

A 3D hologram producing body, likely in the form of a disk or surface, when certain light is shined on it. Uses diffraction and/or refraction
Published: 1/25/21
Author: NatureHacker
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3D chromaton disc is a chromaton disc that uses (likely laser etched) diffraction patterns and/or refraction methodologies to create a hologram of 3D data for storage and/or transmission of said data. It can be directional (likely a "real" hologram image) or bi-directional (likely a "real" and "virtual" hologram, or 2 real holograms if diffraction and refraction is used). A directional hologram would fill a semi-sphere (or approximation of) of space and bi-directional would fill a sphere (or approximation of) of space.

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